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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

100 Preferences

1. Silence over background noise.
2. Books over movies.
3. Novels over nonfiction.
4. Contemporary fiction over every other genre.
5. Character driven fiction over plot driven.
6. Amazon.com over BarnesandNoble.com.
7. Barnes & Noble over Borders.
8. Christian bookstores over other retail stores.
9. New King James translation of the Bible over every other.
10. Blue over every other color (but I don't mind green).
11. Digital cameras over traditional 35 mm.
12. Twisty-type watch bands over straps or Velcro.
13. Low top tennis shoes over high top.
14. PDAs over day planners.
15. Laptops over PCs.
16. Watching DVDs on my laptop instead of on my television.
17. Chick-flicks over every other type of movie.
18. Total darkness when watching movies or television at home.
19. Firefox over Internet Explorer.
20. Maintaining blogs instead of websites.
21. MS Word over Word Perfect.
22. Cats over dogs.
23. Small cars over big cars.
24. Old style clocks with hands over digital clocks.
25. Refrigerated peanut butter over non-refrigerated.
26. Refrigerated potato chips over non-refrigerated.
27. Refrigerated pop tarts over non-refrigerated.
28. Refrigerated cookies over non-refrigerated (noticing a pattern?).
29. Personality blogs over topical blogs.
30. Christmas over every other holiday.
31. Artificial Christmas trees over real Christmas trees.
32. Baseball over every other sport.
33. American League over National League.
34. Kansas City Royals over every other team.
35. Denny Matthews over every other baseball announcer.
36. Folgers Breakfast Blend for coffee makers.
37. Vanilla Latte over every other fancy coffee.
38. Steak over chicken.
39. Steaks must be pink or red in the middle.
40. Recliners over every other form of furniture.
41. Play Station 2 over every other console.
42. Traveling by car over every other form of transportation.
43. Fox News over every other news network.
44. Talk radio over music stations.
45. New country music over old.
46. Old rock music over new.
47. Small government over big government.
48. Target over Wal-mart.
49. Grilled food over fried.
50. Chocolate chip cookies over every other.
51. Small rectangular shaped ice cubes over every other.
52. Diet Pepsi over every other.
53. Printed and bound books over e-books.
54. Paperback books over hardback.
55. Mass market paperback books over trade paperback books.
56. E-mail software applications over web-based e-mail.
57. Moleskin notebooks over every other.
58. Cold weather over hot.
59. Snow over rain.
60. Blinds over curtains.
61. Showers over baths.
62. Water beds over regular beds.
63. Putting largest bills on top before putting money in my pocket.
64. Manual razors over electric.
65. White wine over red.
66. Staying up late.
67. Cherry flavored Chapstick.
68. Pro football over college.
69. Al Michaels over every other football announcer.
70. Old style tape recorders over digital records (but that could change).
71. Green beans over every other vegetable.
72. Watching television shows on DVD.
73. Playing tennis over every other sport.
74. CDs—complete with liner notes over downloaded music.
75. Thick chili over soupy chili.
76. Slippers with closed backs (I walk right out of open backed slippers).
77. Google over every other search engine.
78. CSPAN over MTV.
79. Athletes who hustle—always.
80. Athletes who care more about their sport than themselves.
81. Athletes who care more about their team than themselves.
82. Quiet time with friends over a night on the town.
83. A night on the town over being alone on the weekends.
84. Polo shirts over dress shirts.
85. Dark colored clothing over light.
86. Casual clothing over dress clothing.
87. Sit-down restaurants over fast food.
88. Conversations that go deeper without being forced there.
89. Women who have no desire to change me.
90. Friends who challenge me by example rather than words.
91. Relatives who keep in touch.
92. Old friends who reconnect.
93. Family and friends who accept my crazy side.
94. 80's music over every other era.
95. Medium point pens over fine point.
96. Land lines over cell phones.
97. Old style stocking caps with the insignia actually facing forward.
98. Baseball caps with the insignia actually facing forward.
99. The word "pop" over soda.
100. Pronouncing "coupon" as "queue-pon."


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