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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More ALF Quotes

I picked up season four of ALF on DVD recently. Here are some of the things he said during the season that had me laughing me head off.


“What? I’m going to be read in one of America’s most highly respected sleaze tabloids. If only Mom were here to see this.”

“Whoa. That’ll teach me to eat film before going to bed.”

“I’m so excited I could leave a spot right here on the carpet.”

“Why is it I get along with everybody else in this family, but you and I never seem to click?” ALF said to Kate. “My guess is, it’s you.”

“Willie, if you must pace, can you do it in one direction? Call me when you get to Fresno?”

“Willie, honey, baby, sweetheart. I can’t make you a rich man if you keep second-guessing every senseless choice I make.”

“Are you going to throw a hissy-fit every time I squander a few thousand bucks?”


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