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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I love this line from a book I'm currently reading called Lost in Rooville by Ray Blackston:

"She had this mind-set, this theory ingrained in her that if a person was passionate about something—in her case helping to raise a bunch of orphans—that everything else, including who she ended up with, would flow from that service. Perhaps she was right."

Hurricane Katrina

Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people on the Gulf Coast who were hammered by Hurricane Katrina. It's hard to watch on television. So many people waiting on rooftops holding up signs asking for help. So much water. So much death. The mayor of New Orleans is now saying that thousands may be dead and that it could be two or three months before the electricity is turned back on there.

As usually is the case, we are witnessing the best and worst in humanity during a time of tremendous need. Watching looters carry stuff out of stores as if they'd been personally invited would be hard to understand if you didn't believe in the total depravity of man. I'm just pleased that in spite of mans depravity that many aren't as willing to give in to their nature, but instead are doing all they can to help others.

Let's stay in prayer for all the hurting victims of this hurricane.


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