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Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorite Soundtracks, Part 2

Rocky: Original Motion Picture Score
Rocky: Original Motion Picture Score

If you are a 40-something year old guy, you probably gulped raw eggs from a cup when you were young, went jogging in gray sweats and dreamed about getting your shot at the heavy weight championship of the world. And the background music came from the first Rocky movie soundtrack.

From the heart pumping opening tune, "Gonna Fly Now," to the reflective "Philadelphia Morning," to the inspiring "Going the Distance," this soundtrack does a number on your emotions.

"First Date" will transport you back in time. "Take You Back" will make you want to hang out with a few friends and do a little barber shop quartet as you contemplate taking back a lost love. And "The Final Bell" might just be the theme song in your head as you complete a goal you never thought possible. In fact, this entire soundtrack makes you believe you can accomplish things you might not ordinarily.

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I've written a ton of posts about this movie. When I did a series of my favorite movies, it ranked number 7. It's probably higher than that now. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

I like to play it from start to finish when I go on road trips, especially when I'm contemplating the possibility of a relationship. Songs like "Waiting in Vain," "When You Know" and "January Rain" set the perfect contemplating mood. 

The only thing that bums me out about this soundtrack is that some of the songs from the movie are missing. A die hard fan who refers to himself as Wesley108 at Amazon.com provides a complete list of all 21 songs from the movie in the review section (scroll down a ways), including a number of Christmas songs as well as "Sarah Smile" and "Black Eyed Dog."

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So, what are some of your favorite soundtracks (TV or movie) and why?


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