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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things That Surprise Me

Many things about the Blackberry surprise me. It’s a great product that allows me to do work on the go. But how can the only syncing option for the calendar be Yahoo! and ASCII Importer/Exporter? Why not Google calendar? Why not Windows calendar? Why not Mozilla Thunderbird calendar? Same question for the address book – why such limited options?

Mozilla Thunderbird is the only major email client that makes a portable version – at least as far as I know. Why is that? I’m not a Thunderbird fan but at least the designers understand the needs of modern email users. Who does email on just one stationary computer anymore? Of course, the problem with using the portable version of Thunderbird is that it won’t sync with my Blackberry (see the previous paragraph).

I bought a desktop computer in 2001 and it is still running – quite slowly, but it is still running. That surprises me. It’s been on its last legs for four years but it just isn’t ready to go to computer heaven yet.

The number of people who still put two spaces instead of one space after a period at the end of a sentence surprises me. This practice changed many years ago but lots of people didn’t get the memo. I know, some habits just die hard. I feel your pain. I’m old too.

The number of people who use the word “that” instead of “who” when referencing a person. (e.g. It’s not, “The lady that sat next to me on the plane talked my ear off,” but rather “The lady who sat next to me on the plane talked my ear off.”)

I’m surprised by the phrases people google and end up here at Little Nuances. Every day somebody googles some variation of the phrase, “Does the dog in Gran Torino die?” Apparently the dog touched a lot of people. Most days, at least one person googles “big comb in the back pocket 80s” and he or she finds this blog. Brings back the memories, doesn’t it?

The way I feel when I drive past parks, restaurants, houses and empty fields that have changed drastically or morphed into something else since my childhood surprises me. Life moves on. Generations do their own thing. But something about seeing a house sitting where the pitcher’s mound used to be on the baseball field I played on as a kid really bothers me.

The way I’ve embraced the digital mediums of music, books and movies surprises me. I’ve always had this thing about needing to hold a tangible object in my hand to get the full experience. What I failed to realize is, even the digital files are played or read on a tangible object.

What surprises you?


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