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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Old Stuff Day

While doing a little research for a newspaper article I’m working on this morning, I learned that today is “Old Stuff Day.”

According to the Holiday Insights website, Old Stuff Day is a day set aside to “recognize the boring nature of your daily routine, and make some exciting changes.” It goes on to suggest finding new activities, projects, and hobbies.

Before I get into what I think about this, I have to point out that this holiday is not aptly named. Shouldn’t it be New Stuff Day since we’re supposed to shun the old stuff and embrace something new?

The Holiday Insight website says the day got its name from the common response to the question, “What’s new?” Most of us say, “Nothing really, same old stuff.”

But I still think it should be called New Stuff Day.

Getting beyond the name of the day, I have mixed emotions about trying new stuff. Sometimes it works out well – like when I gave NASCAR, skinny vanilla lattes, and owning a cat a try (not necessarily all at the same time). Sometimes it is a disaster – like the time I tried a nasty iced coffee concoction, or the time I tried Chinese food, or the time I tried boneless chicken wings from No Frills.

I guess the conclusion I should come to is, you have to take chances if you want to find out whether you like something new. But two objections come to mind.

Number one, I hate paying $4.40 for a cup of coffee I can’t drink. Number two, I already have so many things in my life I enjoy; I don’t have room for much more.

And really, if a skinny vanilla latte is the bomb, why would I try to improve upon that by ordering some other frou-frou drink in the hopes that it’s going to better than the bomb?

But don’t let me spoil your Old Stuff Day. If you are tired of your routines, give something new a try.

I’ll be sipping on a skinny vanilla latte.


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