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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Filling in the Gaps

Do you see an abandoned shoe in this photo or do you see
a woman running barefoot in the sand with her boyfriend?
(Photo: Ol.v!er)
I have a romanticized view of the world, which, for a Calvinist, I admit is a bit of a paradox. One of my sisters reminded me of this after she read the Katherine’s Baseball post here a couple of days ago.

When I first saw the baseball lying where flowers would normally go next to a headstone, my mind raced to fill in the gaps in Katherine’s life. Surely she must have been a baseball fan – so much so that eleven years after her death, a loved one left a baseball on her headstone on Memorial Day weekend.

My sister’s take was a little different.

“Ok well the first thought I had was that maybe a dog just happened to drop the ball there?” she said. “It looks pretty beat up! But, your version of the story is much better!”


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