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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Midweek Quotes

Here are a few hilarious quotes from Alf (yeah, the little furry alien guy), taken from season two on DVD:

"Don't look back. Something might be broken." –Alf, quoting his Grandpa Satchel

"Trust me on this one. I've been wrong so many times before."

"I was going to prepare a lovely Chateau Breanne, but I have no idea what that is. So you're getting hamburgers."

"It's almost time for vespers. I hope that means cookies."

"I just started going out with Rhonda when my planet blew up. Unlucky in love. Unlucky in Armageddon."

"Hey I'm still young. If I'm not married by the time I hit the big 4-0-0, then I'll panic."

"Back on Melmac, I was a registered Demo-cat. We were a political party and a doo-wop group."

"Oh hey look! Willie's shins glow in the dark."

"Boy you're cranky at 3:14 am. I hope you're more sociable at 5:28."

"At-a-girl. Eat your words!"

"Your building is going where? Condo? Where's condo?"

"See the alien throw out his back. She the alien blame the Tanners. Lawsuit Tanners. Lawsuit."

"All's fair in love and guess the cheese."

"This book doesn't have any words. It's got zits. Oh, must be one of those connect-the-dot books." (Actually, it was a book that was written in brail.)

"What, vegetables again? That's not food. That's the stuff food eats."

"I'm here to make your life easier. First, I'll sweep up that glass that spontaneously exploded."


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