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Monday, May 03, 2010

It's Depends on Your Perspective

Eight Days a WeekI watched Eight Days a Week over the weekend. Overall, the movie was disappointing and forgettable. But there was one particular scene that drove a point home that I’m still thinking about.

The main character, Peter (played by Joshua Schaefer), is having a conversation with an elderly neighbor lady (played by Ernestine Mercer) about some of the crazy things she does. In fact, she’s known around the neighborhood as Crazy Lady.

Here is their exchange:

Peter: Explain why you sometimes go out to your car and eat dinner.

Crazy Lady: My car radio has better reception than the one on my stereo. I go out there to listen to my opera.

Peter: What about doing your gardening in a scuba mask?

Crazy Lady: I love to garden, but I’m allergic to pollen. It’s the only way I can work in the yard without having my eyes all tear up.

Peter: Okay, but admit it. Cutting your grass, in the middle of the night, is a little strange.

Crazy Lady: With this humidity, my time is the only sane time to cut the grass.

Peter: What about sitting on your roof with the telephone?

Crazy Lady: Oh, that. My best friend Mabel lives just a couple of blocks away from here. She’s going senile. But she won’t admit it and she insists on driving her car. So, when she’s coming over to visit, I go up on my roof. I can see her back out of her driveway and if she makes a wrong turn, I call her on her car phone and give her directions. Walla.

Peter: That all makes sense.

Crazy Lady: Everything does. It just depends on your perspective.

It sure does.


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