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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Suggestion for Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald (Photo: Shonebc)
The first time I heard Paul McDonald's voice on American Idol, I thought about another singer. No, not Rod Stewart. I'm talking about Jonathan Gray, who goes by the name of Spike. He's the lead singer of The Quireboys. For a while, they were called The London Quireboys. They had limited success in the 80s, but Gray's voice should have garnered more success for them.

Yes he sounds like Rod Stewart and The Quireboys have always had to deal with that. But Gray's voice has some subtle differences. It's softer and has a bit more rasp. That's why McDonald's voice reminds so much of Gray rather than Stewart. Which leads to me a suggestion for McDonald. At some point in the competition, he should sing a song from The Quireboys called "I Don't Love You Anymore." I think people would go crazy over his version.

Here's a couple of videos. The first one is of McDonald singing "Maggie May" by Stewart. The second is of The Quireboys performing "I Don't Love You Anymore." Tell me what you think -- would McDonald steal the show if he sang this tune?


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