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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What’s Wrong with a Little Drakkar Noir?

I can’t tell you how many times my niece said that when she climbed into my car over the years. Drakkar Noir was my thing – so much so that she thought it was “my” smell. And how could she not? It was the only cologne I wore for years.

Back in the 80s, when I first became away of the fragrance, I was often accused of wearing too much of it, but the fact was, one squirt was powerful enough to make people believe I loaded up on the stuff. I had one friend who said he could get the benefit of the wearing the fragrance just by the leftover mist that didn’t wind up on my shirt. All I had to do was point the bottle at friends after pulling up somewhere and they would flee the vehicle.

Drakkar Noir seemed popular with my married female friends. After they smelled it on me, they wanted to buy some for their husbands. I can’t say I ever really got compliments from single women though. That fact, combined with a rather hefty price tag and an ever increasing awareness that a lot of people are allergic to cologne, eventually led me to stop wearing cologne altogether.

Not long ago, I heard a snarky remark by a 20-something-year-old character on a TV show about Drakkar Noir and I realized it must be the new Old Spice. I always pictured the generation of men before me wearing Old Spice and now the generation after me made the connection between middle age and Drakkar Noir.

With all that in mind, I came across an internet bulletin board yesterday discussing this question: Is DRAKKAR NOIR still popular with the UNDER 30 crowd?

Here was one man’s answer:

“My black concert t-shirts were saturated with it at fifteen (many years ago), but after smelling it on a few people in the last few years there’s no way I’d subject people to it. But like most fougeres, it’s an energizing smell. I spray it up in the air every once in awhile and walk through it. I have no idea if it’s popular with people under thirty, but it’s a good bet that if it is there are more of them in the South where NASCAR (among other things) is most popular. One thing’s for sure, the stuff isn’t chic. :) But it’s definitely satisfying if you’re into it.”

First off, I have no idea what fougeres is. Second off, I have no idea what geography has to do with the discussion, but for the record, I live in the Midwest. Third off, well, he’s probably right about it not being chic any more. Fourth off, how the guy can try to equate a certain fragrance with NASCAR is beyond me…wait a minute, I just remembered that my mom bought me Halston Z-14, Jeff Gordon cologne for Christmas a few years ago. Fifth off, hmm, maybe his comments are fairly accurate.

I guess it’s time to stop defending Drakkar Noir because its time has come and gone. But one of these days, I might just give it another shot. I’d love to see the look on my niece’s face if she got a fresh whiff of the stuff.


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