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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Old News

It’s a good thing I don’t care a whole lot about March Madness. My Sports Illustrated “2007 NCAA Tournament Preview” showed up yesterday—six days after the tournament began. I flipped through it for laughs, and saw articles like, “Beware of the Eagles” predicting that the Winthrop Eagles “may be this year’s George Mason.” Of course, they did knock of Notre Dame in the first round, but they’d already lost to Oregon in the second round before I ever received this bold prediction.

And then I spotted SI’s bracket. I looked to the South Region and saw that SI predicted that Creighton—the college I attended in the mid-1980’s—would win their first two games. Instead, they lost in the first round. They had Pittsburgh losing in the second round to Duke. Come on. Even I predicted that one right and I hardly even follow college basketball. And they picked Kansas to win it all. Probably not a bad pick. I picked them to lose in the finals—to Creighton (okay, so I’m a little biased).

I guess my point is, timing really is everything. A preview issue loses its appeal when the tournament is nearly half over. I’m guess that my issue just got lost in the mail and that SI didn’t really send out millions of issues this late, but either way, I’m not a happy customer right now. And I’m certainly not going to spend a lot of time reading something that is such old news.


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