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Friday, March 30, 2007

Reign Over Me

I’m anxious to see Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler. I’ve seen United 93 and World Trade Center and I thought they were both excellent movies. I don’t necessarily think that one of these three movies has to stand out as the definitive movie about 911 in my mind. In fact, they all tell the 911 story from a different perspective, so I’m not sure how one could be the definitive movie. But as I begin to think about going to see Reign Over Me, I sense the same dread I felt before seeing the other two movies. So much loss of life. So much tragedy. This particular film narrowly focuses on one man who lost his family—and who can’t relate to the horrors of that scenario?

Here’s an overview of the film from Yahoo! Movies: “Former college roommates Charlie Fineman and Alan Johnson meet up again by chance on a Manhattan street corner. Five years after losing his family on 9/11, Charlie—once a successful dentist—has retreated from his life, and Alan is stunned to see the changes in his formerly gregarious friend. At the same time, Alan—who should be enjoying his beautiful wife, children and career—is overwhelmed by his responsibilities. Their rekindled relationship becomes a lifeline for the two men, who are both in need of a trusted friend at this pivotal moment in their lives.”

Have you seen this movie yet? If so, what are your thoughts?


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