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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Put Something in the Basket Every Night

During the Royals vs. White Sox game yesterday afternoon, Royals’ television announcer Paul Splittorff said that White Sox slugger Jim Thome often talks about putting something in the basket every day—whether it is a hit, a walk, an RBI, moving a runner—anything to contribute to the success of his team.

I found this quote from Thome that explains it a little further:

"You have to understand you can't get five hits in one at-bat. You learn that over time. It comes with experience. My big thing is you put something in the basket every night. Then, in the year's time, you look back and that basket will be there. You grind it out. It's a long year."

Thome spoke these words after getting the night off because he was struggling at the plate one night last season. There’s probably no better time than when a person is struggling than to do at least one thing every day to try to turn the tide. Thome’s notion of putting something in the basket isn’t new. Some would say that you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Some would say that the little things lead to big things. However you phrase it, the power of multiplication works.

By the way, Thome put a game-winning, three-run home run in his basket yesterday. I’m hoping that his addition to his basket today is less dramatic since he’s playing against my beloved Royals again.

Photo credit: Cris DeRaud


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