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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Young Love

Rear View of a Couple Driving Down an Avenue in a Convertible
This isn't the couple, but they had the same look about them.
Traffic was backed up for miles on the interstate. Police lights flashed in the distance. Time to exit early. Even the next exit ramp was backed up with drivers who had the same idea. I wound my car down the S-shaped exit ramp at a snail's pace, wondering if somebody was seriously hurt in the chaos of flashing lights ahead. I read later that a man on a motorcycle lost control, crashed into a car, and had life threatening injuries. Life is so fragile sometimes.

As I neared the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a man and woman in the car behind me. They were both in their early 20s. The man was driving, but his attention was definitely diverted. The woman was getting her groove on – seat dancing in what can best be described as part belly dancer, part "I dream of Jeannie," as she waved her arms in the air like she just didn't care. Nothing overtly sexual, but she had the driver's attention.

I was a little nervous he might inch forward one too many times and tag my bumper since his head wasn't exactly facing forward. I eyed the rearview mirror as he eyed the woman and inched closer to my car. Every time he inched forward, I tired to inch forward too, being aware there I had a car in front of me as well. We got through the traffic light without incident, but I was left wondering about the couple.

Were they married? Had they just met? Were they about to become a couple? Had he just proposed? Would it last? That final question is the one I thought about most. Young long can look so passionate, but fizzle just as quickly. By young, I don't mean the age of the people involved, but rather the age of the love. They were having the time of their lives on this particular evening, but what about other evenings? Were they always this into each other? Would they always be this into each other?

I hoped so. Still do. Because it was a beautiful thing to see.


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