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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Take Five

Last night, I interviewed a 20-year-old boxer who just turned pro and won his first fight. I also interviewed his dad and the man who runs the boxing club where he trains. This morning, I'll be writing a feature about the boxer for a newspaper and once I'm done, I'm on a five day vacation. I can't wait!

I picked up a 3 1/2 foot Christmas tree after finishing the interview with the boxer last night and I plan to put that up this afternoon. I'm not crazy about having such a small tree, but given the rambunctiousness of my new cat, Latte, I'm thinking a tree that comes in one piece is much easier to pick up and put back together after she has performed a flying leap into it.

Tonight, I'll be picking up a pre-cooked Thanksgiving meal for my family. The hard part is finding room in the refrigerator to store it. My family always eats late on Thanksgiving, so I'm planning to read and watch a movie or two until it's time to head to Mom's to help get everything ready.

The next few days will be full of football games, nice meals, movies, hanging out with friends and hopefully getting caught up on a little rest. See you on the other side of my mini break.


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