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Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Thanksgiving Themed TV Episodes

I watch many of the same Christmas movies every year and I imagine many of you do too. But what about Thanksgiving? I can't recall many Thanksgiving themed movies, but there have been some great TV episodes with Thanksgiving themes. Here are my favorites. Would love to hear yours.

1. Felicity (First Thanksgiving): Felicity, Ben, Julie, Noel and the whole gang celebrated their first Thanksgiving at college, away from their families. They were strangers just a few months prior, but here they were breaking bread together. I still break it out on DVD and watch it every year.

2. WKRP (Turkey Drop): If you are old enough to have seen this episode, all someone has to say is "Turkey Drop" and you start cracking up. Les Nessman's on the spot reporting of turkeys being dropped from the WKRP helicopter is one of the funniest TV moments ever.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: What says Happy Thanksgiving more than sharing a meal with friends on a table fashioned out of a ping pong table? Although, I have to say, I always found it a little odd that all of these kids cooked and ate the meal without any parents present. Then again, parents were never present in Peanuts from what I can remember.

4. Friends (Joey Gets the Turkey Stuck on His Head): One of the funniest moments of this episode is when Monica insists on pulling the turkey off Joey's head so she can serve it to 20 people. Yuck!

5. Friends (Football): A hilarious episode in which a friendly game of touch football gets a little competitive, thus making it an extension of the Geller Bowl tradition.


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