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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2007 Columbia Crest Two Vines Vineyard 10 Red Wine

Shot this photo late at night and Latte was tired,
but she insisted on being in the photo.
“What are you looking for?” said a man who drifted away from a wine tasting group.

“Something sweet,” I said. I was in the Merlot section so I knew I wouldn’t find what I was looking for there – Liberty Creek Sweet Red wine, but I’d already asked the clerk and he said they didn’t carry it so I was looking for something else.

“I started just like you, but eventually my palette adjusted,” he said. “You should try one called Red, I think you’d like it.”

We found it and I read the back of the bottle. It didn’t sound sweet at all.

“Or give this one a chance,” he said, pointing at the 2007 Columbia Crest Two Vines Vineyard 10 Red Wine. “We had that at our wedding at it went down easy.”

I picked up the bottle and read: “The unique style of this medium bodied and soft-textured red wine is inspired by some of the best varietals grown in one of Columbia Crest’s oldest sites –Vineyard 10. This delicious red wine is a blend predominantly of Washington state Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese highlighted by aromas of strawberry and spice with ripe plum and blackberry flavors. A perfect complement to steak and pasta dishes.”

I had no idea how Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese tasted – especially as a blend – but the promised “soft-texture” coupled with the wine tasting guy’s suggestion that it goes down easy was enough for me to give it a try. I’m finding that talking about wine and sharing experiences with other wine drinkers is half the fun.

The suggested wine turned out to be everything it was promised. It isn’t really sweet, but it isn’t so dry that I had to make a face to get it down. And the various berry flavors didn’t knock me over, which is a major plus for me. If wine tasting really does go in stages – starting with the sweetest and working your way to the driest – then this is a step in the right direction. Although, I can’t see myself moving any drier than this.

I would love to hear about your latest wine adventures. Have any good stories or suggestions?


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