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Friday, February 04, 2011

5 Bands with Strange Names

Continuing with the Name 5 series ...

You’ll have to forgive me for sticking to one era of music when it comes to naming 5 bands with strange names, but the 80s was my decade – musically speaking. So all 5 of these strange band names come from that era:

Dirty Weapons1. Killer Dwarfs. Each of the band members changed their last names to Dwarf. I remember a Russ Dwarf (the singer) and a Mike Dwarf (guitar). I don’t remember the others. Musically speaking, they had a CD called Dirty Weapons that wasn’t bad, but strangely it’s not available on iTunes.

2. Lillian Axe. I have no idea what their name means but they were a great group. They mastered the pop metal sound of their era. I think they were mostly a hit in the Midwest though. A different version of the band is still around but they have a different lead singer and they just aren’t the same in my opinion.

3. Blue Murder. You might be sensing a death theme at this point and I wouldn’t blame you, but you have to admit, the death theme does make for some strange band names. I don’t know why they called themselves Blue Murder, but they had a bluesy rock sound I really enjoyed and their moment in the sun lasted about, well, a moment.

4. Love Over Universal Destruction (L.O.U.D.). Their name always cracked me up because it seemed like they used any words possible to come up with the LOUD acronym. But later in the careers they became Christians, or, at the very least, they became more vocal about their faith, so the name seemed to work quite well. The lead singer was also quite the Excitebike arcade game fan. Whenever I saw the band play live, I often met the singer at the Excitebike game between sets to test our skills.

5. Sweet F.A. Again, I have no idea where this name came from or what it means. I had one of their CDs, but I can’t recall any of their music. 

There you have it – 5 strange band names that came to mind without looking at my iPod. How about you? Can you name 5 strange band names?


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