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Monday, February 14, 2011

Black Swan Merlot, South Eastern Australia (2007)

I wrote a post last month singing the praises of Red Guitar Wine (2006), Old Vine Rosé and it is still my favorite wine, but I just learned that rosé wine isn’t red wine. Rosé is its own class of wine – somewhere between red and white, but closer to white, which means the tannin level is lower. Tannin increases good cholesterol and helps to fight against heart disease. Tannin is highest in red wine – that’s why I’m after a good red wine. I need it to be as sweet as possible.

I found one in Sutter Home SWEET RED wine (2008) and I wrote about that here. I’ve been adding other suggestions to my list as you offer them. I tried Black Swan Merlot, South Eastern Australia (2007) over the weekend and, while it was a bit stronger than I prefer, I liked the mixed berry and mellow cherry flavor. The Black Swan website says this is a medium-bodied wine – which would have been nice for them to include on the back of the bottle because I’ve already determined that full-bodied and medium-bodied wines are stronger than I prefer.

My cat Latte, posing with a bottle of Black Swan Merlot
Back in October, I tried Turning Leaf Merlot (2007), but I wanted to see if all Merlot is created equal. I couldn’t tell a huge difference between Turning Leaf and Black Swan. If you forced me to, I might invent something and say Black Swan had a touch of cherry in it and since I like cherry I prefer it to Turning Leaf, but please don’t give me a taste test. I would fail.

Next on my list is Liberty Creek Sweet Red, which was suggested by one of you. Anything else I should add to my list?


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