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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Funny Sayings

I read a post over at WonderGirl and the Sift yesterday and it brought back all sorts of memories. WonderGirl has a bad knee and decided to slow down to rest it for a day. She encouraged others to take a break as well, saying, “Don't shop, wrap presents, or even get out of your pajamas all day. Don't do a durn thing.” Seeing the word “durn” cracked me up and it instantly reminded my of my grandmother who used to use that word. I haven’t heard it used since she died in 2002.

Grandma was full of such euphemisms and sayings. I already told you about this one: “I have to go to the bathroom so bad I can taste it.” If you don’t get it right away, give it a minute. It’ll sink in and then you’ll be grossed out.

Here are a few others she used to say:

“Over yonder.”

“I’ll be there dreckly.” (I always assumed this meant “soon,” but I was never sure.)

“I need to fix my medercine.”

She also used to call windows “winders,” and pillows “pillers.” And when she said Hawaii, it came out sounding like, “How aw ya?” Oh, and she pronounced Iowa as “Io-way.”

My niece continually corrects me when I mispronounce the names of current singers, actors, and other entertainers. I butchered Avril Lavigne’s name the first time I used it in my niece's presence and she giggled. I suspect that twenty years from now, she’ll write a post on her own blog about her uncle’s funny sayings or the way he pronounced things. I’ll be completely fine with it when she does because it means she’ll remember me and the times we spent together—much like I’m doing right now regarding my grandma.


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