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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rocky Balboa

In 1976, my mom took my sister and I to see Rocky. I was ten years old, and much like every other boy anywhere close to that age, I wanted to be Rocky. I had the boxing gloves, I drank the raw eggs (don’t try this at home), and even started jogging (hated it). Something about seeing an average guy filled to the brim with guts living out his dream inspired me.

Over the years, I saw all of the Rocky sequels, many many times. Then, this summer I heard about another Rocky movie that was being made. I pointed you to the Rocky Balboa Blog. It only had a few pictures and a couple of posts, but it still got my blood pumping. You’ve probably seen previews for the movie because it is about to be released. People can say what they want to about how ridiculous the premise is (a very old fighter climbing back into the ring), but many of those same people will go to see the movie.


To a degree, all of us are Rocky. We’re all either chasing dreams or trying to relive them.

Check out the trailer for Rocky Balboa and see if it doesn’t get your adrenaline running on overdrive:

I love this line from the trailer (from Rocky’s trainer): “To beat this guy, you need speed. You don’t have it. You’ve got calcium deposits on most of your joints. So sparring is out. So, what we’ll be calling on is blunt force trauma—heavy duty punches that will rattle his ancestors.”


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