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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nancy Moser

Continuing with our Top Ten Series featuring my favorite authors:

#9: Nancy Moser

I’ve written about Moser a number of times here at Little Nuances. In January, I wrote a post about how I took one of her classes at a writers’ conference in 1998 and that it really gave me hope as a writer. In May, I wrote a post about the way a scene from one of her novels made me think about the way I recorded my thoughts. I’ve mentioned a few of her other books here as well.

I became interested in her work after the release of her first novel: The Invitation. Here’s the basic plot that comes from a review on Amazon.com: “Four strangers receive invitations to a small Nebraskan town…no explanation, no signature, no RSVP information. Add to that a number of supernatural incidents and “coincidences,” and these four strangers are on their way, willing or not. Of course, a number of unexpected invitees show up as well.”

I was drawn immediately to this book because Moser’s four main characters are flawed, or, in other words, real. I followed them on their journey for that entire novel and for two sequels (the trilogy is called “The Mustard Seed Series”—and the other two books are called The Quest and The Temptation) and I can still remember quite a bit about each character. Julia was a reluctant politician. Del was a pony-tail wearing former priest who had walked away from the ministry. Walter was a businessman who had lost his way. And Natalie was a writer who just couldn’t let go of her manuscript long enough to let anybody help her improve it.

I read and enjoyed one of Moser’s stand alone books called The Seat Beside Me about how lives are linked and ultimately changed after a plane crash. Then I read a two-book series (A Steadfast Surrender and The Ultimatum) by Moser about a woman named Claire. She’s an artist who feels called to sell everything, including her art studio, to follow God. I love the way Claire struggles to make sense of her calling. And then I read another two-book series (Time Lottery and Second Time Around) by Moser about people who get a second chance to fix something in their past by going back in time. This is a fascinating series that made me wonder if I’d take such a chance if given the opportunity. I also read a book called Crossroads by Moser and I wrote a post about it.

Just recently, I purchased two of Moser’s latest novels, but I haven’t read them yet. Hopefully that’ll happen soon. I love the way she portrays struggle in her characters. And she isn’t afraid to show them for who they are—mistakes and all. I’ve been able to identify with many of her characters in my own struggles. That’s why I’ve purchased every novel she’s written (except for a series that was bit too girly for my taste).


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