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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Starting a Blog

Blogs aren’t for everybody, but I like to ask people who don’t have a blog this question: If you were going to start a blog, what would it be about? Some know right away, some have no idea, and some just say, “I’ll never have a blog.” All three answers are perfectly acceptable, but I enjoy seeing some people’s faces light up as they say, “Oh, I know…” and then they go and and tell me about it.

But then they usually quickly follow it up by telling me that they couldn’t set one up or that they couldn’t think of something to write every day. Setting a blog up is so easy it’s almost ridiculous. Customizing and tweaking it takes some work, but neither are absolutely necessary. But these would-be bloggers do have a point—blogs need to be updated frequently.

I have three blogs, but I often only tell people about two of them. I just can’t keep the third blog updated often enough. My blogging time is limited and I just choose not to spend any more of my free time on another blog. But enough about that.

I’d like to encourage the person who has been thinking about starting a blog, but is a little afraid of the time commitment. While the concern is legitimate, you also need to consider the reward. When you start a blog, you’ll be scratching an itch that has been driving you crazy for a long time. And you’ll get to meet some great people online who have the same interests as you do.

Here are a few links to free blog hosts. Just click on one (I’m partial to Blogger because it is so easy to use) and you’ll be up and running in minutes:

Blogger (Blogspot) 
Windows Live Spaces 
Blog City
Live Journal


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