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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Australian Open

I both love and hate this time of year. January is the start of the professional tennis season and if you are a tennis fan, then you know that one of the first tournaments of the year is the Australian Open. Considering that Melbourne is 17 hours ahead of central standard time, Melbourne time doesn't exactly agree with my body. But I can't help but watch the matches--even if they are on at 2:30 am.

I sort of drift off to sleep in my recliner as I watch tennis and at night as I wake up throughout the night, I watch whatever match is on. I'm having a more difficult time watching men's matches this year since Andre Agassi is retired. I'm pulling for Andy Roddick, but his constant badgering and insulting the umpires isn't exactly thrilling me. Yeah, I'm know I'm inconsistent. I loved John McEnroe. What can I say?

I'm also pulling for Fabrice Santoro (who surprisingly won his first round match) for all the reasons I listed in this post. On the women's side, I'm rooting for Martina Hingis for all of the reasons I listed in this post. For those who aren't tennis fans, I promise not to bore you to death with tons of tennis posts over the next couple of weeks. But if a good story develops, I may hit you with one more.


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