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Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts running through my head as we go into the weekend:

--I’m tired. I’ve spent way too many late nights/early mornings watching the Australian Open tennis tournament lately. Thankfully, the tournament is coming to a close this weekend and I can return to a normal schedule. Oh, I know I could return to a normal schedule now if I wanted to, but I enjoy watching the grand slams so much that I’ll gut it out for a couple more days. Sadly though, all the players I was pulling for have lost.

--I’m thankful for friends who really know me. One such friend sent me a YouTube video of cats doing some of the funnies things—some of which included mock fights with their owners—just like I do with my cat. Here’s the video if you’re interested in a giggle or maybe even a laugh:

--Nearly everybody I know seems to be watching a television series on DVD. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius, and I’m guessing that he or she is quite rich. I’ve worked my way through season three of ALF. The Greatest American Hero, Season One, is in my Netflix queue, so I’ll be starting on that soon.

--I left one my moleskine notebooks at a friend’s house the other night. I remembered it though as soon as I got into my car to head home. After I retrieved it, I got to thinking how funny it would have been if I had left it there. My to-do list would look insane to most people. Laundry has been at the top of my list since I started the notebook. I’m never caught up (I usually just wash enough clothes to get by for a day or two at a time), so it just gets carried over day after day after day.

--I haven’t watched a good chick-flick in weeks. I’m sort of going through withdrawal. I think I need to pop Lake House into my DVD player this weekend.

--I’m so excited about the 2007 NASCAR season that I’ve already entered three fantasy NASCAR leagues and we’re still three weeks away from the first race.

--I’m still haven’t finished reading The Journals of Jim Elliot. It’s taking me forever to get through it. Not because it’s a difficult read. But it’s not a light read either. I so need to read a novel after I’m done with this book.

--Last night I stopped at my mom’s house. As I mentioned in this post, yesterday was mom’s cat’s birthday and I thought mom could use a little pick me up. So, as suggested by Peach, I not only bought the cat a birthday card, but I also gave her a big packet of catnip. It was definitely a hit, as you can see from this photo (if you look closely you can see the card I got for her that said something about not drinking too much on her birthday):

--I just found out yesterday that I’ll be teaching again at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference in October in Glorieta, New Mexico. I’ll be teaching three classes: “Manuscript 101,” “Article Writing 101,” and “Let’s Talk Blogging.” If you are a writer, no matter what stage of your career you are at, I’d encourage you to attend this, or some other writers’ conference. You’ll learn a ton, you’ll make great contacts within the industry, and you’ll make new writer friends.


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