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Friday, January 19, 2007

A Content Moment

After lunch yesterday, I grabbed the book I'm currently reading and I kicked my feet up in my favorite recliner. It's one of my favorite activities each day and I always look forward to it. Just as I settled in to read a while, I glanced out the window and snow was flying everywhere. I have no idea why I love to see snow falling, but it's peaceful for some reason.

I returned my attention to my book and found a perfect quote to include in an article I was working on. And a few minutes later, Midnight (my beloved cat), made her way from the bedroom to my lap. She curled up there, as is her custom when I read, and she remained there for a long time. Finally, when I was done reading, just as I was about to reach for my bookmark, she sensed that I was done, so she stood up on my lap and stretched out. Then jumped down and headed for her food dish in the kitchen.

The combination of the weather, the reading material, and the actions of Midnight brought me such a deep sense of contentment that it's hard to describe. My life has been stressful lately, so this was a welcome change. And I felt refreshed and ready to return to work afterward. Some of the smallest, most mundane routines can turn an entire day around when viewed in the proper perspective.


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