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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Favorite Blogs

Here are a few of my favorite blogs. Check them out if you get a chance:

Moleskinerie: Obviously this is a blog about moleskine notebooks. It's written by Armand Frasco. He says that "Moleskine is not my obsession, it’s an attitude. I use other journals also. This site is not here to pontificate. It just is." Indeed, moleskines are just tools to use on our journeys, not the journeys themselves. I like the fact that Frasco seems quite content to just let this blog be what it is and nothing more. I've read so many great posts on this blog in recent months. Some are excerpts from people who are in a constant stage of change and feel like they have to record it somewhere. Blogs are too open, so they choose a moleskine. Some of the excerpts are from people who are switching back from PDA's to paper. That fascinates me. And some are stuck somewhere in between. That's me.

fallible: A delightful, thought-provoking blog written by a woman named Katy Raymond. I know Katy causally from a writers' group that I belong to in Kansas City. Her blog is about real life issues--things like sick parents, and children who are off making their own decisions, and family history. She also gives us her thoughts about every day events. She's a fantastic writer who is always contemplating life. She's been blogging for a long time and has a ton of great posts for you to read.

The Sheila Variations: Sheila O'Malley writes about movies, and books, and actors, and music, and really, life, in a way that draws you in. I love her stuff for so many reasons. She's well read in a variety of different areas, and therefore, able to write posts about a myriad of different topics. She's another blogger who does well with contemplative posts. And I love how when she's really "into" something, that she's able to peel back the layers of that particular topic and lets us see what she sees.


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