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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Johnny Hart Dies

Johnny Hart, the creator of the comic strip “B.C.” and co-creator of “Wizard of Id” died this past weekend at the age of 76. I never got into the “Wizard of Id,” but I love reading “B.C.” The strip is funny, sometimes thought-provoking, and sometimes politically incorrect—a perfect recipe to be one of my favorite comic strips.

His wife said that he had a stroke on Saturday while working at his storyboard. Hearing that he died doing the thing he loved to do made me think. We don’t get to decide when our life here on earth is finished and we don’t really get to choose our final act, except in cases when a person senses that he or she is dying. But we do get to choose the way we live each moment and any given moment could be our last.

A little food for thought for the day.


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