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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Speed of Life

When I have my druthers, I try to find a certain rhythm to life that I can sustain. It's the only way I can seem to go slow enough to enjoy certain moments while going fast enough to get everything done. Sometimes life goes on hyper-overdrive and you just have to go with the flow. But there comes a point when you just have to say "Come on. There's no reason to go that fast."

Sports highlights is one such point. Recently I've been noticing that ESPN and other networks are running highlights in hyper-speed. When showing football highlights, they show a running back breaking through the line, making a great move to get to the open field, and then the network hits hyper-speed as the running back literally races toward the end zone. Then it's on to the next highlight and more hyper-speed. I know they are doing it to squeeze in more highlights from other games, but it has the opposite effect on me than they intend. By the end of the show, I can hardly remember anything I've seen. I end up trying to remember who the running back was and who he plays for and what team his team was playing. It's just too much information too fast.

Ironically, I have the TV on in the background as I write this post and this very moment there is a commercial on for a local college. I guess the college doesn't have a huge marketing budget because the woman doing the voiceover had to get every word in in ten seconds when it probably should have been a thirty second commercial. Again, I can't tell you one thing she said. Too much information, too fast.


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