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Friday, January 15, 2010

#98 Gifts

In 2006 I wrote and posted a list of 100 life-enriching little nuances in which the items are in no particular order. Once a week, over the next couple of years, I’m planning to write a post about each item on the list. I’d love it if you would add your own comments and experiences. 

On Christmas Eve In 1993, my family gathered for Christmas at my grandmother's house, just like we'd been doing for as long as I could remember. I was anxious for Dad to open the gift I got him -- a copy of Rush Limbaugh's newest book See, I Told You So. We'd been talking about the book on the phone and in letters since it had been released a month or two prior.

He unwrapped my gift and a smile spread across his face. There's nothing like seeing a genuine smile from someone after you have given him or her a gift.

I unwrapped the gift he got me and that's when I understood why he was really smiling.

"Unbelievable,"  I said.

He bought me the same book.

It was a special moment for me. Gifts are so personal and it's not always easy to know what to get another person, but if you pay attention to his or her likes -- to the things they gravitate toward, you can almost always pick up on something.

When I unwrap a moleskine notebook, or a pack of G2 pens, or a DVD I don't have but want, or any number of other things, it tells me the other person is honed in on what I like and people who listen to you talk about the things you like genuinely care about you.

I really want to be that type of person too.

After Dad died in 2000, one of the things I wanted was the copy of the book I gave him. I found it. It now sits proudly on my bookshelf next to the copy he gave me. To make it even more special, they are both inscribed:


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