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Monday, January 04, 2010

Comfort Over Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, when the temperatures dipped to zero in Omaha, as they always do around this time of year, I pulled out a pair of gloves from one of the drawers in my kitchen. I was looking for an old pair of gloves, but I couldn’t find them so I had my pick of two new pair. I picked one of them, snipped the thin piece of plastic that held them together, and put them on. They barely fit, were super bulky, and rendered my hands pretty much useless outside.

When I got home, I opened the kitchen drawer, dropped that pair of gloves back inside and went in search of my old pair. They really aren’t meant to be winter gloves. They are work gloves. And they are camouflaged and probably more suitable for a hunting trip than anything else. But I like them. They are comfortable. My hands are functional when I wear them. And they do a decent job of keeping my hands warm.

I found them and have been wearing them outside ever since. Give me comfort over fashion any day.

That is my philosophy as I find myself in middle age. Most places I go, I’m probably underdressed one notch. In fact, that has sort of become my goal: don’t underdress by two notches, just one. If you underdress by two notches, you look like you don’t care. If you underdress by one notch, people at least believe you gave it a shot. The cool thing is, you are more comfortable than they are, so it’s a win-win.


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