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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Devil’s Spit

Last Friday, I began covering the College World Series for Examiner.com (here’s a link to the articles I’ve written so far). Even though the press is there for 12 hours or more on some days, only one meal is provided.

So, at lunch I’ve ventured out into the crowds on the main concourse at Rosenblatt Stadium to find something good to eat.

Twice, I’ve met friends by the Famous Dave’s BBQ tent. Both times I got the pork sandwich and both times I added a couple of squirts of “Devil’s Spit” sauce. The name of the sauce sort of grosses me out, but the first day I ate there, that was the only sauce they had, so I gave it a try. Looking back, I’m pretty sure now that it was not labeled properly. It wasn’t hot. In fact, it sort of had a sweet taste to it.


The next day when I visited the Famous Dave’s BBQ tent I squirted a couple of more rounds of Devil’s Spit on my sandwich and I joined my friends. As we were talking, my throat started to constrict and I started choking. Not because there was food caught in my throat but because Devil’s Spit is hot! Pop didn’t help. Coughing didn’t help. I was just left in my misery to wait it out as my friends watched, half-amused, half-concerned. But I survived. 

I’ll be back at the ballpark today and I might be there all the way through the last game next week – depending on whether or not one of the other guys for the website I work for is going to fly in and do some of the coverage. But I’ll guarantee you one thing – no matter how many more lunches I eat on the main concourse, and no matter how many more times I stop by the Famous Dave’s BBQ tent, I will not be going near the Devil’s Spit again.


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