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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On being an uncle

Baby Boy
Photo credit: melbia
As a single guy, I love that fact that I’m an uncle. I became one again yesterday when one of my sister’s and her husband had a 7.1 pound boy. Mother and baby are doing well.

I searched for a good uncle quote to include in this post, and frankly, I didn’t find many. I found plenty of quotes about crazy uncles, drunk uncles, embarrassing uncles, and the like. None compare to the quote about being an uncle found in 1 Chronicles 27.

Before I give it to you, let me set the stage.

King David is nearing the end of his life. He has just made his son Solomon the king of Israel. In doing so, he gathers all of the princes, priests, captains, porters, rulers over the twelve tribes of Israel, and the people who were responsible for his vineyards, storehouses and herds. Among all those people, David’s uncle is listed: “Also Jonathan David’s uncle was a counsellor, a wise man, and a scribe” (1 Chron. 27:32).

Bible commentator Matthew Henry says this about David’s uncle, “His uncle, who was a wise man and a scribe, not only well skilled in politics, but well read in the scriptures, was his counsellor.”

If my nephew who was born today, or either of my two nieces, ever comes to know me as a wise man who is well read in the scriptures and therefore allows me the privilege of being a counselor as he or she navigates the difficulties of life, then I’ll be an extremely happy man.


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