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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musings

Sharing a long meal with friends, without ever looking at the clock, is one of the most satisfying things I know. Had the pleasure of doing just that over the weekend.

Speaking of eating, I went to see Eat Pray Love over the weekend. I expected more. I just didn’t like the protagonist much. I didn’t sense any real internal struggle and her motives didn’t seem believable – two deal killers for me.

So the veterinarian I use gave me a package of “snacks” for my 11-month-old cat, Latte, who can be a bit spastic at times. The snack is supposed to calm her nerves. After giving it to her for a couple of days, I returned home one night to find that she had attacked the package. Talk about irony.

Fall is coming. I can feel it. I’m so ready. Milder temperatures, football, the US Open tennis tournament – it’s my favorite season.

Video games have a Hall of Fame now? Who knew? I guess it’s fitting that Pac-Man was the first game to enter the hall. If you are over 40 like me, this video will probably bring back memories and crack you up at the same time:


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