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Monday, August 02, 2010

Google searches

I love looking at the key words people google to end up here. Here are a few of the recent searches:

Google “willie’s shins glow in the dark” – I had no recollection of writing such a phrase, so I googled it and found that indeed I did blog about it back in 2007 as part of my “Alf quotes” series. Anybody who googles Alf quotes in a friend of mine.

“identifying loneliness in a novel” – I write about loneliness and novels quite a bit here, so I’m pleased to see a kindred stopping by.

“tips for writing a message in a bottle” – I’m intrigued. Would love to know who is planning to write such a message and I’m even more interested in knowing what he or she has to say in such a message.

“twitter for writers” – I did write a post about that here a while back and I recently updated it for the A Write Start Communications website. Twitter is a powerful tool for writers.

“moleskine sermon” – A moleskine notebook is the perfect place to jot down sermon notes.

“how many days till fall” – I feel your pain. In the past week my grill has been taken over by hornets and my face has been bitten twice by mosquitoes while I was sitting in my living room. Death to all bugs.

“Big 80's combs in back pocket” – Oh yeah. I wrote about big combs a while back. And what exactly was wrong with carrying a huge chunk of plastic in your back pocket? We had to use something to rake our long, feathered hair back, didn’t we?

“the incredible new shmoo cartoon picture” – There have been four such searchers recently who have found Little Nuances looking for more info about Shmoo. And why not. Shmoo was the the bomb.

“lee warren, God” – Surely the person who googled this phrase was looking for articles I’ve written about God. That’s both humbling and cool to see.


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