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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

100 Miles of Music: Mile 9.58

My blood sugar has dropped more than 200 points
since changing meds and re-starting a walking routine
Photo: Michael David Pedersen
So far, so good.

The combination of walking and prescription medicine is doing the trick. My blood sugar is dropping into a range my doctor will be happy about. Yesterday afternoon it was 128. I feel better physically and find myself looking forward to walking each evening.

I didn’t have a lot of time on Sunday evening, but I still took a short walk – just over a mile.

Here are the tunes that played randomly on my iPod:

Just for You by Lionel Richie. Love this song. It’s not one of his early hits, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

Let Me Go by Scott Stapp. A depressing tune that declares, “We are lost and all our hope is gone.” All of us feel lost sometimes, but we always have hope.

More Love More Power by Various Artists. I think this was originally a Michael W. Smith song that is a strong contrast to the previous song. This one leans on the source of all hope and asks for more of Him.

Nobody’s Fool by Cinderella. Always loved this song, but it is yet another breakup tune.

The Best of Times by Styx. A sappy love song. Have I mentioned that I like sappiness?


I returned to the walking track on Monday night and a rather odd mix of songs popped up.

Spark by Over the Rhine. This particular line always pierces me, “You either lose your fear or spend your life with one foot in the grave. Is God the last romantic?” I wrote more about this song here.

Headed for a Heartbreak by Winger. Another breakup song. Wow.

Baggage Claim by Miranda Lambert. A sassy little pick me up. I like it.

Twisted Angel by LeAnn Rimes. A song about consequences. There are always consequences to bad decisions.

Damn by LeAnn Rimes. This song has always been a curious one for me. It’s about a woman who hates how well a man knows her. Maybe she hates feeling so vulnerable. To me, that’s what love is all about – secure vulnerability.

Cryin’ in My Sleep by Zurich. Some 25 years ago, I used to go see the band play live quite often. This song was always my favorite from the one album they released (to the best of my knowledge). I was stunned to see that they made a video for this song and that is available on YouTube.

I Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time by Over the Rhine. Wrote a post about this song a few years ago. I love this line, “I’ve got a different scar for every song, and blood left still to bleed. But I don’t wanna waste your time, with music you don’t need.” We all have different scars for every story we have to tell, and we’re all looking for someone who really wants to stick around and listen to us bleed. Bleeding leads to healing. But we don’t want to waste someone’s time with stories they don’t need.

Distance walked: 1.21 miles and 1.60 miles
Total distance since August 7: 9.58 miles
Goal = 100 miles by December 31


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