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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You're Beautiful

I don't really get the song You're Beautiful by James Blunt. It's about a man who sees a woman he's attracted to on a subway, but she's with another man. But the stranger has a plan—or so he says in the first verse of the song. In the next verse the stranger says he doesn't know what to do and concludes with "Cause I'll never be with you." In the next verse, the stranger says that they shared a moment that "will last till the end." But then he concludes the song with the realization that he'll never be with her.

So much for the plan I guess.

Blunt has a good voice—in a Bee Gees sort of way, but this song makes no sense whatsoever and it's just weird that a stranger would be so attracted to someone to be thinking about sharing a moment with her that will last forever. Now, if the song reminded him of somebody he once loved and seeing this woman on the subway somehow reawakened that love, then I would understand. But I must be crazy, because somebody sure likes this song—it's on the radio constantly.

A few days ago, I told a friend that I didn't get this song and he said, "I thought you would love that song. It sounds like one of those chick-flicks you like so much. In fact, I'm predicting that this song will be made into to a romantic comedy."

How could I not laugh? Partially because he's right about me—if this were a chick flick I probably would go see it. And partially because he's probably right about the marketability of such a movie. Love at first sight works for me in the movies. Maybe it's because I can actually see the two people and their mannerisms as they make eye contact for the first time. Maybe it's just because I like sappy movies. But, love at first sight in a cheesy song that makes little sense (if the guy had a plan, then why didn't he give it a shot?) doesn't work. At least for me.


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