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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

FM Radio

I've listened to the FM radio more in the past couple of weeks than I have in many years. My new (used) car doesn't have a CD player (or even a tape player), so for now, I'm scanning my way across the dial and in the process, making myself familiar with some of the new (to me) stations in town.

One of the new stations plays the same songs over and over—thankfully the format is 80's music and I liked most of the music that came out of that era. Now I'm hoping they will expand their selection in the coming months. Another station plays a mixture of everything and I like that too. Most people like many different styles of music and I'm no exception. Another plays new(er) country and I don't mind that format either.

But I'm starting to notice something—no matter which station it is, and no matter what format, they all seem to be trying to do things to improve the community. One country station held a fundraiser last week to raise money for a children's hospital—specifically, they were trying raise money to help children who need heart surgery. They raised $309,000. Another station sponsored a bowling league to help people make new friends. Another station had a contest running to see who could lose the most weight.

When I listened to FM radio fifteen or twenty years ago, I can't remember many stations or personalities doing any of these sorts of things. Instead, I remember radio being all about partying and, in general, being all about the self-absorbed life—a "get all you can, while you can, and if you are struggling or in need, then you must have done something wrong" sort of attitude.

I'm glad to see that some things change. Granted, my experience is limited, but so far, I like what I hear.


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