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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Deleted Blogs

I've written a number of posts in the past year about my growing distaste for political debate on both the right and the left today. Beyond the uncomely arrogance on both sides, the debate isn't broad enough in my opinion for people who don't fit into either major political party. I certainly don't fit either mold.

That's why I always appreciated a blog called The Boileryard. I blogged about it back in February. A guy who took on the persona of a dead-ball era baseball player named Boileryard Clarke started it. He had several other writers--all from various different political philosophies, and I really enjoyed reading perspectives that weren't regurgitated from talk radio or other political commentators.

I've known for some time that The Boileryard might not always be online. The last time I clicked on the blog, nothing had been posted there since May and I figured that Boileryard would eventually delete the blog because in one of his posts about a year ago, he came to this conclusion: 

"In the last two years netpilot [another writer on the site] and I have found what is important, really. The faces of our grandchildren are important. Their hugs are important. Friends are important. Our wives. Our own children. Music in the morning. Making other people smile is important. Life, minus the fist-shaking and anger and suspicion of others we don't understand, is important."

He wasn't saying that politics aren't important. He just found a few things that he'd rather focus on, so he started a blog called Chasing Vincenzo to write about those things. And sadly, he did indeed delete The Boileryard from the blogosphere. Part of me wishes it was still operational, but I don't blame him at all. I made a similar move by shutting down my own political blog over a year ago. I just miss The Boileryard. That's all.

How about you? Do you miss a particular blog that no longer exists? Share you story with us.


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