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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Road Trip

I’m on the road again. This time I’m at the Heart of America Christian Writers’ Conference in Kansas City and I’m having a great time seeing old friends I haven’t seen since the conference last year. On the way down to Kansas City, I took an alternative route because I was picking up a friend in Topeka to bring to the conference.

The route I took was an old highway. I usually travel by interstate, which obviously is much easier to navigate, but I really enjoyed this trip. As I crossed the Nebraska-Kansas border, I started to see hints of clay and rock formations that are so prevalent in the Ozarks. It reminded me of the days when my grandparents took my sister I to Arkansas during the summer to visit extended family. Those are great memories.

I also drove by a lot of small lakes and fishing ponds. Something about being around water calms my nerves. This time was no exception. And during long stretches of my drive, I didn’t see a single car in either direction. I do some of my best thinking during times like these. I didn’t come to any life-changing decisions, but I felt like I was able to clear my head for a day—and that is a good thing.


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