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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Department Store Conversations

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. It’s probably a record for me to be done this early. Yeah, I know it’s Christmas Eve, but usually I’m one of those crazy people who are out on Christmas Eve trying to figure out what to buy. Not this year. I finished on December 23rd.

As I stood in line to pay for my item, two little girls and their grandmother were talking about the gift that the girls were going to give their mommy. Grandma handed the oldest girl, who is probably five, a twenty dollar bill so she could pay for the gift—a couple of bottles of perfume in one of those packaged gift boxes.

The girl turned to her younger sister, who is probably three, and waved her hand in front of her own nose. “This stuff stinks,” she said. “I was playing with it one time and some of it got on me.”

“You were playing with my perfume?” Grandma said, trying to conceal a smile.


I guess the girl figured that turnabout was fair play. Without missing a beat, after hearing her grandma cough, she said, “Are you gonna pretend to be sick tomorrow so you won’t have to go to work?”

“I only did that once,” Grandma said. “And shhhh. Don’t tell anybody.”

“Are you gonna do it again tomorrow?”

“No. You sound like my grandma. You know that?”


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