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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The New Diet Pepsi Look

When I went to buy groceries last week, I stopped in the pop aisle to pick up a six pack of 24-ounce Diet Pepsi bottles. I looked on the shelf they normally keep the Diet Pepsi and I couldn’t find any. What in the world? My eyes scanned the shelves again and I saw regular Pepsi, and caffeine free Diet Pepsi, and wild cherry flavored Diet Pepsi, and some new freaky looking Pepsi, but no regular Diet Pepsi.

I could stomach the caffeine free or wild cherry Diet Pepsi if necessary, but I don't do new freaky flavors of pop. At the risk of alienating 98% of my audience, I’m going to quote the rock group Head East here and say, “There’s never been any reason . . . ” Just give me the real stuff and I’ll be on my way. Thank you.

I took a closer look at the new freaky stuff and it turned out to be Diet Pepsi. They changed their look, to this:

Just last week, their bottles looked like this:

So, I'm a bit dense. And yeah, I know I'm getting old. But I've never really saw the point of changing packaging on an established product. That's a discussion for another day.

This got me to thinking and glancing through my Picasa photo album. I was looking for even older styles of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi cans or bottles. They weren’t hard to find. Different eras of my life flashed before my eyes. I found one picture of my dad from 1997 with a full beard, which he rarely wore. Next to him was an even older style can of Diet Pepsi. Can you tell that my family is loyal? I found another photo of my Mom. She was busy in the kitchen during Christmas (probably 1998). Two old style Diet Pepsi cans sit on the kitchen table in the background. Right next to them you can see a cassette tape rack full of cassettes. She always likes to put music on in the background during Christmas.

It’s funny, I’ve always consciously marked eras of my life by decade, or by songs, or by movies, but I never thought about marking time by the ever-changing Diet Pepsi bottle or can.

Obviously, it can be done.


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