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Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Old Courtship Letter

Photo: Jose C. Silva
I can’t remember what I was googling one day when I ran across a website devoted to old letters, but I was hooked the minute I clicked on and read one of them. The website contains letters, mostly from the 1800s, from and to people who never became famous, but who lived fascinating lives nonetheless.

One of the letters I read recently is from a man named Bennie Thomas who lived in Tennessee. He wrote to a woman named Addie Jones on January 5, 1866 in an attempt to win her heart.

Here’s a little of what he said:
I have to acknowledge a deep, warm attachment for one who has ever been my truest, kindest friend. For the friendship I am truly grateful, how cold the term friend is to the warm and loving heart. It requires much, very much more than this, and can only be satisfied with a passion not only as warm, deep and tender, but equally as pure. You, dearest, are constantly in my thoughts, and every throb of my heart is for you. My every thought but some new wish for your happiness. I offer you a heart warm and loving. Will you and can you accept it, and my heart is too full to say more. Would that I possess the pen of a ready writer, to pour out in burning words, or that “Holy muse” would linger for me to inspire me with a song worthy of the subject, that I might at last finally express my devotion for you.
You can read the entire letter by clicking here. You can even see an image of the letter.

Even though Mr. Thomas didn’t believe he had a way with words, I think it’s pretty clear that he did. I love how he told her that every throb of his heart was for her and that he was consumed with finding new ways to wish her happiness.

He set the bar pretty high for the rest of us who are still seeking a wife and I’m glad he did.


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