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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 Trends

I love looking at year end lists. I found one at USA Today recently that predicts 2009 trends. It’s done with the downturn in our economy in mind.

It says that high-priced steakhouses will be out and the best cheese steak joints are in. I’m fine with cheese steak, but this is one man who will not be giving up steakhouses. I much prefer having a hunk of meat in front me at dinner and I get a little crabby when I don’t have one—no pun intended.

[Here's a photo of the steaks I grilled after a snowstorm for my family's Christmas dinner, if that gives you any idea.]

Health clubs memberships are going to be out in favor of walking a dog and running. I don’t have a club membership, but I do enjoy walking around a lake in my area. But in Nebraska that isn’t possible from December through April because it’s often below zero or snowing. And it isn’t preferable from June to August because it’s often 100+ degrees. So I’m thinking that a membership to the local YMCA is in order soon.

Online entertainment is supposed to be out in favor of getting out and dancing, etc. I like to dance, but I haven’t done so in years, and it will certainly not be my form of entertainment in 2009.

Energy drinks will be out of vogue in favor of strong liqueurs. I have never had an energy drink, so I won’t start now. But I’m not a fan of strong liqueur. (And isn’t the term “strong liqueur” a bit redundant since “liqueur” means “strong drink.”) I prefer a good glass of wine or lite beer.

Noticing a pattern here?

As I make my way down the list of 2009 trends, I’m still stuck in the old trends. And with the exception of technology related issues, that pretty much describes who I am.

How about you? Where do you fall when it comes to this list?


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