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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Blue Hour

Now that I have a decent camera, I’ve been doing a little research about how to become a better photographer. I’m never going to be great, but I take a lot of photos, so I’d like to get better.

I ran across this bit of information on Kim Komando’s website:

“But here’s a secret: Many night photos aren’t taken at night.

“They’re taken during the blue hour, the ‘hour’ between daylight and dark. The term comes from the French l’heure bleu; it’s just a better name for twilight.

“The blue hour doesn’t occur at a set time. It changes depending on the time of year and your location.”

The vast majority of life happens outside the window of the blue hour, but just knowing about the blue hour makes me aware that a small sliver of time exists each day in which photos are going to look better. All I need to do is take advantage of it.

Life is sort of that way, isn’t it? When we are more aware of the details, we tend to get more out of each moment.

Photo credit: Laura Leavell


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