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Friday, February 20, 2009

He’s Just Not That Into You

A friend and I went to see He’s Just Not That Into You last night. We were the only guys I could see in the entire theater who probably weren’t dragged there by a woman. But that’s okay. We both wanted to see the movie, and we kept the obligatory empty seat between us—because that’s just what guys do.

Overall, I think the movie was mediocre. My biggest problem with it was—it has so many main characters that it is hard to get close to any of them. But putting that aside, the movie made several valid points about finding love. Of course, the main point is to be honest with ourself when we can see that another person is not doing whatever it takes to be close to us. Going weeks without talking, the unreturned phone calls, the brush offs, and the lack of fire in the other person’s eyes should convince us that it isn’t going to happen, but since we don’t want to hear those words, we hold on to false hope.

Why do we hold on false hope? Because coming to the conclusion that we just aren’t what another person wants in a mate is too much for the heart to take. And because the thought of starting all over again with someone new is frightening. But of course, if we looked at the situation objectively, which we’d rather not do because we have too many emotions involved, we’d realize that we couldn’t possibly be a good fit for everybody and of course moving on is frightening. But the reality is, we really only need to be a fit with one person and the quicker we are honest with ourself, the quicker we can move on an maybe find a real match.

That point comes through in the movie loud and clear, and for me, that made the movie worth seeing.


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