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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Writing News

I have some writing news to share:

Barbour Publishing just released a perpetual desk calendar I compiled called 365 Inspiring Moments from the Great Outdoors. I had a lot of fun putting this calendar together and I included all sorts of obscure facts about the outdoors, including this one from today's entry: "In 1947 the coldest temperature recorded in North America occurred at the Snag Airport in Canada's Yukon Territory: eighty-one degrees below zero." Sort of appropriate for today since it is just 7 degrees here in Omaha as I write this. Oh, and in case you notice, Amazon.com currently mistakenly identifies someone else as the compiler of this calendar. I'm told that a correction has been submitted. It just takes a while for the process to work.

Last week, CBN.com launched a new singles blog called Single Purpose for Christian singles. Julie Ferwerda and I will be writing for the blog on a regular basis. I'm really looking forward to it. If you or someone you know is single and might be interested, please spread the word.


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