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Friday, May 01, 2009

How Many Books Do You Read Each Year?

Last month, 29 of you responded to this poll question I asked: How many books to you read in an average year.

Here are the results of the poll:

1-10 books 11 votes 37%
50+ books 8 votes 27%
21-30 books 4 votes 13%
11-20 books 2 votes 6%
I don’t read books 2 votes 6%
31-40 books 1 vote 3%
41-50 books 1 votes 3%

So, half of those who participated read between one and thirty books each year, which doesn’t surprise me. But 27% of those who participated read fifty or more books a year and that really surprises me. It inspires me too. I guess if you break it down, it averages out to about a book per week, and that seems doable.

I usually read about half that amount. I’d love to read more, but I just don’t make the time. I have so many other interests that divide my attention. Thanks for your participation.


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