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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brand Loyalty

I have an old Blackberry. Not one of the models that look as wide as the state of Nebraska, but also not one of the new models with the roller ball. Mine has the spinner wheel on the side. For techies, I have the 8703e model. And I like it. Yeah, I’d like to have the new Blackberry Curve, but I really do like my 8703e.

It stopped ringing a few days ago, so I took it in yesterday and the Verizon technician/customer service rep messed with it for a while, but couldn’t get it working again. He was able to get me a brand new one (the same model) for a price that was probably cheaper than it would have been to repair it—if that were even possible. I can’t even believe they still have new 8703s in the warehouse, but I should have one by Friday, so I’ll be spinning it’s wheel soon enough.

The technician/customer service rep really impressed me. He examined my phone, said it was in the best condition he’s ever seen for as old as it is, and since he knew I was telling him the truth about my not dropping it in water or doing something else to have caused it to quit ringing, he really went to bat for me. He actually listened to what I had to say about what I wanted and what I was willing to pay and then he reiterated it perfectly to the other workers he spoke to about my phone.

I tend to be loyal to companies—almost to a fault. Partially because I hate the hassle of changing companies and partially because it’s pretty hard to convince me that other companies are going to be better. But when I find a customer service rep like this one, I’m really loyal.


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